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Standard Soft Starters
What are they?

Low cost, internally bypassed non-optimizing Soft Starter.
Internally Bypassed reduces cost because the Soft Starter is out of circuit once it has done its job. This reduces cabinet size and the heat produced which again reduces cost. Can substitute Start/Delta Starters. Quicker build time, less maintenance, reduced down-time and therefore lower cost of ownership.

Reduced shock loading of mechanical equipment, reducing failures and again reducing costs.


Energy Recovery Soft Starters
What are they?

Intelligent Energy Recovery System (iERS) Patented energy saving system, reduces the voltage and current supplied to a lightly loaded motor. Only allowing the motor to consume the exact amount of energy required to maintain the speed at that load. When the motor is at full load the internal bypass reduces the losses produced by the control element. This combined approach enables iERS to save more energy in more applications than any other competing soft start technology.




SynergyTM – a revolution in soft start motor control

As the original pioneers of soft start technology Fairford have been at the forefront of motor control innovation since the 1970’s.

As a major designer and manufacturer of soft start motor control solutions Fairford have manufactured and supplied 1,000,000’s of products into the market place and are recognised as the reference point for many control solution providers worldwide. Synergy™ is an innovative form of motor control that bridges the gap between a VFD and a soft starter. With the increasing pressure on industry to lower its energy consumption and increase systems efficiency, synergy™ has been developed to meet these requirements.

With built in full motor overload protection as well as iERS energy saving, full data logging, field serviceable, upgradeable software, extensive input/output programmability synergy™ meets all of the industrial fixed speed criteria.


Features of synergy™ include:

·          iERS energy saving system – to reduce energy consumption of fixed speed motors

·          3.5” touch screen – for easy programming

·          Automatic Set-up and automatic features – reduces commissioning time to a matter of minutes

·          Extensive inputs/outputs and Modbus communication as standard (extra communication options available)

·          Small Power to Size ratio – smallest three phase controlled soft starter on the market – frees up panel real-estate.



iERS – intelligent Energy Recovery System

iERS is an advanced motor control technology for use in fixed speed applications. It is proven to reduce the energy consumed in a variety of industrial and commercial applications and has been implemented in every market from HVAC to Oil and Gas.

In the industrial sector it is becoming increasingly important to offer technology that meets the corporate social responsibilities of companies as well as reducing the overall running costs of equipment and minimising downtime and maintenance.

iERS is a technology that matches the power consumption to the load required. It intelligently monitors and regulates energy consumption on fixed speed motors. It also monitors the voltage, current and power factor during the start to calculate the full load figures. During the running stage, the power factor is monitored and the voltage and current is reduced to decrease power consumption if the load allows.

Soft Starters vs. VFD’s

Synergy (and soft starters) are not competing technologies with VFD’s they are different technologies that do a different job. If the application requires the speed of the motor to be varied then of course a VFD is the best solution.

However around 70% of the world’s induction motors run at a fixed speed, so using a variable speed drive is over kill for the application. There is a lot misunderstanding from customers that drives can always save energy and this is incorrect, if the drive runs at 60Hz then it will use 8-12% more energy than a contactor or standard soft starter.

It is now becoming the accepted practise to look at overall systems efficiencies when specifying equipment, choosing the correct product for the job will increase the overall efficiency of the system. We have written a blog on this idea which can be found here: